A tribe of Slavs (q.v.) who, with several other Slavic tribes, took to the seas in the early seventh century to pillage the coast and islands of Greece (q.v.). Shortly thereafter, they participated in a siege of Thessalonike (q.v.) that was led by the Avars (q.v.). Eventually, they were settled as farmers in two regions, the first around Thessalonike, extending as far as Berroia (q.v.), and the other around Philippopolis in Thrace (qq.v.). They were subject to Byzantium (q.v.), but perhaps not until after 658 when Constans II (q.v.) subjected "sklavinia," a region of Slavs somewhere in Greece, probably in Macedonia (q.v.). In any case, the Drououbitai had their own "king," which indicates a certain degree of autonomy.

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